Willamette Dental FAQ

Can I sign up for the Dental Plus of Idaho plan and still go to my own dentist?
To receive the excellent benefits of the Dental Plus of Idaho plan, you must receive care from a Willamette Dental Group dentist or specialist. Your coverage also extends if you are referred to an outside dentist or specialist by your Willamette Dental Group dentist. If referred to an outside dentist or specialist, your copayments remain the same as shown in your Summary of Benefits.

Where are your offices located?
Willamette Dental Group has more than 50 offices in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Click here to find the dental office closest to you.

How do I schedule an appointment?
To schedule an appointment, please call our Appointment Center toll free at: 1-855-433-6825, Option 1.

What can I expect at my first visit?
During your first visit to our office, you will receive a thorough dental examination that includes X-rays and comprehensive risk assessments. Your dentist will develop a Personal Dental Care Plan based upon your immediate needs, current dental health and long-term oral health goals. This individual plan will include recommendations for cleanings, restorations and preventive treatments. Most patients will receive a cleaning at their first visit, based on the assessment and recommendation from your dentist.

How are premium payments made for Dental Plus of Idaho?
Premiums for Dental Plus of Idaho may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You have two payment method options:

  1. You may elect to receive a paper billing statement either monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually. With this option, there will be an additional $5.00 administration fee with each billing statement provided.
  2. You may elect to have your premiums drafted each month via electronic funds transfer. The additional administration fee is waived if this option is selected. There will be no premium statement received should this option be selected.

Premiums are due on the 25th of the month preceding the period coverage is to be effective. Premium payments should be mailed to:

Willamette Dental of Idaho, Inc.
Dental Plus of Idaho
6950 NE Campus Way
Hillsboro, OR 97124

If you should have any questions regarding these options, please contact Billing and Eligibility at 1-855-998-2273, Option 1 or dpi@willamettedental.com.

How do I know how much Willamette Dental Group charges for dental procedures?
Please refer to your policy for a list of copayments for covered dental procedures. The costs of many dental services are covered with a reasonable service copayment.

For questions about the costs of specific procedures not covered under the plan, you may contact our Member Services Department at 1-855-433-6825, Option 3.

Are there benefit waiting periods under this plan?
Orthodontics and other major services, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures are covered following a six-month waiting period.

Will I receive a Dental Plus of Idaho insurance card when I become a member?
Yes. Your Dental Plus ID card(s) will be mailed to you after our receipt and acceptance of your complete application and premium payment.

How do I cancel my Dental Plus of Idaho policy?

Cancellation requests must be made writing. To cancel your Dental Plus of Idaho policy, please send a written request with your full name, date of birth, and the date you wish to cancel your policy. The cancellation request should be sent at least 30 days in advance of your desired cancellation date. Your coverage will terminate on the last day of the month following our receipt of your cancellation notice, unless your premiums are past due or you specify a later date. Written cancellations can be submitted in three ways:

  • via mail to:

    Willamette Dental of Idaho, Inc.
    Dental Plus of Idaho
    6950 NE Campus Way
    Hillsboro, OR 97124

  • via email to dpi@willamettedental.com
  • via fax to 503-952-2679

Please note that if you choose to cancel your policy, you must wait 12 months before you are eligible to re-enroll in the Dental Plus of Idaho plan.

Who can I contact for more information on the Dental Plus of Idaho plan?

For questions related to benefits or plan information, please call 1-855-998-2273, Option 4.

For questions related to billing and eligibility, please call 1-855-998-2273, Option 1 or email dpi@willamettedental.com.

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