COVID-19 Updates

At Medical Plans of Idaho (MPI), we take your health very seriously. COVID 19 has affected most of us in many ways. Thankfully, few in our community have tested positive, which is a blessing compared to other parts of the US. At MPI, we too, are going to become vigilant and do our part.   About one third of our clients are over the age of 65 and represent the “at risk” population. With the urgency to create social distancing, and maintain 6 feet apart when possible, I made the decision that we would close our office for the next 30 days for face-to-face meetings and appointments to reduce the exposure we all share.


Friday, March 19th, we dismantled our computer systems and have relocated to our respective homes and will ride this out with you in the comfort of our homes and with our families. We feel it’s the right thing to do for you, me, and our community. It’s a BIG decision to close our physical doors to our clients, of who many have become our friends as well.  Please know we are still here.


The insurance industry has, for years, been silently preparing for a day like this.  Almost every thing we do today is either over the phone or online and internet based.  We are more than capable of continued operation and will continue our day to day business activities…just online or over the phone.


Changes to be aware of effective Friday March 19th:
-Office location will be closed to the public
-Each of us will be working remotely from home
-We will continue to enroll individuals, small groups in health and life insurance, but will do it exclusively over the phone by appointments.
      (again, for many, this will be business as usual for us. For others, I will certainly miss our one-on-one meetings during this time.)
COVID 19 has probably been here since mid December. We just did not know it. So, taking these precautions now will ensure your health and ours as we all figure out what is the right way to suppress the illness likelihood in our own families. We believe we provide a community service and as so, need to act responsibly for those we serve…which is you.

During this time, we ask that you email detailed questions, times you’re available by phone, or call us as usual. Please be patient if we don’t answer, as our phones have been forwarded to our homes. This means we are going to be spending more time with our families/children, as we expect you are as well, and to be realistic, we simply might be unable to answer immediately. If this happens, we will call you back as soon as possible. Just be patient with us.

Prior to COVID 19, we made the exciting decision to relocate our office to a stand alone location. The address will be 1308 N Meridian Road, Meridian, Idaho 83642. This was to take place on April 1st. Obviously, we will continue our efforts to make this move, but will again refrain from retail operations for at least 30 days. Watch for more in the mail coming soon!!!


Finally, we ask and invite you to Friend us on Facebook at “Medical Plans of Idaho”.  Here, we will have updates on the COVID 19 from reliable sources like the CDC, Department of Health and Human Services, Medicare, and of course, your insurance companies. Then, we determine which are important or valuable to share. I PROMISE, you will not be inundated by information that is not relevant, political, or crap in general. I don’t like it, so I certainly won’t do it to you, but it will give us a source to direct you to for information we feel is necessary to be shared.


Again, thank you for trusting us with your insurance needs and know we ARE HERE to help answer your questions!
Office of Steve Marsh
Medical Plans of Idaho

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