Open Enrollment Update

UPDATES on Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment Starts Nov 1st and closes December 15th 2017

We are well underway with answering a lot of questions as usual around this time of year. It’s important to read all mail coming at you from DHW, YHI and your current Insurance company. In the coming days, you will receive your Annual Notice of Change from Blue Cross of Idaho & Selecthealth. THE RATES DO NOT REFELECT YOUR 2018 APTC APPLIED TO THE PREMIUM IN THE NOTICE

These notices DO NOT CONTAIN your 2018 APTC (advance premium tax credit). They used 2017 information. So as stated in past emails, take your DHW letter showing your 2018 Tax Credit value and subtract it from the new 2018 Premium listed on the letter from your insurance company. Every year I get frantic phone calls the information is wrong. IT’S A FLAW IN THE SYSTEM.

Simply subtract your 2018 APTC from your 2018 Renewal Premium. SIMPLE there is your new rate-now review the plan changes. They index each year and deductibles can and do change slightly.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE LETTER from DHW stating your APTC is updated, YOU MUST call DHW immediately and do the re-evaluation. If you fail to do so, your plan will terminate on 12-31-2017. You will have missed Open Enrollment. If you don’t have the letter by now, you MUST CALL 877-456-1233. (I can’t do this for you, as many-times you must provide them proof of income or other information)

Our call volume is insane this time of year. If we don’t answer the office phone, just leave a message…we WILL call you back as soon as we have the opportunity. Keep in mind we are on the phone or with someone in the office all day long and cannot pick up the phone helping others. Thank you in advance for your understanding. WE WILL CALL YOU BACK when we have the opportunity.

Finally, if you are happy with your plan and premium, and we don’t need to change anything, there is no reason for us to meet. Your plan will roll forward automatically into the “Crosswalked” plan design for 2018.

I am looking forward to helping and appreciate your business!


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