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May 8: Steve Marsh, Medical Plans of Idaho, joins Steve Rausch and Brian to address the AHCA vs ACA.


April 6: Steve Marsh and Steve Rausch cover tax implications of health insurance, including what forms you need before you file your taxes.


October 11: Steve Marsh, Steve Rausch and Brian Wiley talk about long term care policies, and when to consider them.


August 22: Steve talks about his recent trip to Scotland, including a trip to a Scottish ER. Caller’s questions on medicare supplemental policies for veterans.


June 28: Steve Marsh, Steve Rausch and Brian takes calls. Brian explains inverse strategies – and how to make money on a falling market.


June 2: Steve joins Brian for a review of changes in the insurance industry. Blue Cross and Select Health are the top players in Idaho. Are we headed for a single-payer system?





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